EFT Couples Therapy

couples therapy toronto, marriage counselling, eft couples therapyI specialize in couples therapy, which is also sometimes referred to as couples counselling or marriage counselling. I have been certified in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, a well-researched and empirically validated therapeutic process that can bring tangible positive change to your relationship (please see below for a better understanding of the certification process).

EFT Couples Therapy can help you and your partner achieve a greater degree of communication, intimacy and stability. It can help heal old wounds that continue to dominate conversations in the relationship. I endeavour to understand and treat both partners equally with the understanding that relationships are reciprocal.

Couples therapy has undergone a dramatic shift in the last 30 years. We are particularly fortunate in Ontario as two of the leading researchers into relationships, Dr. Sue Johnson and Dr. Les Greenberg, the pioneers of Emotion Focused Therapy, conduct their work in Ottawa and Toronto respectively. I had the good fortune to train with Dr. Sue Jonson, one of the world’s leading experts on healing relationship distress, and I am proud to offer Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy in Toronto.

I trained as an Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist to be able to offer my couples clients the highest standard of therapy for their relationships. It was not enough for me to simply transfer what I knew about individual psychotherapy and assume that it would benefit couples. Not only is this not effective, but it is not true. Relationship and marriage distress, although very often extremely difficult and painful, is very understandable.

Do you find that you that fights are escalating much more quickly or that you are increasingly withdrawing because of how tired and hopeless you feel? Are you growing resentful of certain aspects of your partner and/or your relationship, making it harder and harder to understand where they are coming from? Is it getting more difficult to reach your partner and get their meaningful attention? Left alone, these patterns in relationships will grow worse overtime and can cause significant distress, loneliness, and often result in the end of a relationship. Furthermore, research has shown that these conditions can also be responsible for a range of health issues ranging from depression to cardiovascular disease. These symptoms also create environments where affairs are more likely as one or both partners feel alienated and seek comfort outside of the relationship.

In my therapeutic process, we will build scaffolding around the pain and difficulties to help better understand and support what is happening. We will honour the ways that the relationship has survived in the past and immediately begin to introduce new and more effective ways to communicate and foster intimate healing conversations.

Couples come to my practice for many reasons and at various stages in their relationships. Primarily, couples come because they are feeling distant and alone in their relationship. Sometimes this has gotten to the point where much hurt has taken place including fighting and infidelity. Although it can feel like an extremely painful and hopeless situation, couples therapy can begin almost immediately to foster empathy and loving connection.

These are some of the issues that I help couples work through:

  • Constant fighting
  • Unresolved arguments
  • Infidelity
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Pre-marital support
  • Preparing for a first child
  • Parenting
  • Preparing for an empty nest


I would be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning my couples therapy practice.


*To become an ICEEFT Certified EFT Therapist, candidates must meet various  pre-requisites and complete several EFT training and supervision requirements including an intensive 4-day basic EFT Externship, Advanced training courses, supervision by a Certified EFT Supervisor and review by a Certified EFT Trainer at ICEEFT of 2 different video excerpts demonstrating the therapist’s grasp of the model.  For more details, please visit  http://www.iceeft.com/index.php/therapist-training/37-therapist-resources/therapist-training/93-certification