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Individual Psychotherapy & EFT Couples Therapy - Toronto
Book an appointment: (416) 564-6441 or Email

Buy viagra online canadian pharmacy, Cipla viagra reviews

Psychotherapy Toronto, toronto psychotherapist, Mitchell SmolkinI practice individual psychotherapy in Toronto. People enter psychotherapy with me for many different reasons. Seeing a psychotherapist can help you deal with emotions that have been difficult to handle in the past. Many people who come to psychotherapy have had trouble with relationships, work, family and other aspects of their life. Some notice cycles in their lives that won’t go away, others sense that they cannot find peace of mind and are constantly anxious or worried. The process of getting underneath our daily routine and understanding ourselves better can bring a rich sense of aliveness to ones life. Perhaps you have been dealing with overwhelming anxiety at times or for many years or something has happened in your life recently that you are having a hard time coping with. Or perhaps you want to find a place to explore more deeply aspects of yourself in a mutually collaborative process.

There are many misconceptions about psychotherapy, and even the most educated scholars in the field are constantly writing about and debating its ultimate goals. I believe that to live means to be tasked with learning how to be in intimate relationship with ourselves, and the psychotherapeutic process can increase our capacity to move through the vicissitudes of life. Contemporary neuroscience has shed light on what psychotherapists have known intuitively for many years, that a process of mutual collaboration and insight around difficult issues in our lives can help us integrate and grow from experience and therefore achieve greater degrees of equilibrium and embodiment.

Deep seeded pain is often at the route of much of our psychological difficulties. Unfortunately, the society that we live in is not always equipped to deal with how painful and debilitating these feelings can be. Left alone, these feelings can wreak havoc on our personal and professional lives, and more simply, make living not enjoyable and difficult. Modern psychiatry has developed many medications that can help take the edge off of debilitating pain, but medication alone cannot create the lasting change that deep understanding and assimilation affords. I work with many clients in collaboration with their medication regiment if that is their preference.

As a certified couples therapist, I also bring an acute sensitivity to my clients who are in relationships and I can offer you the perspective of having worked with and helped many couples achieve lasting intimacy. It is important when choosing an individual psychotherapist that the process considers the complexity of personal relationships and that the therapist does not jump to conclusions. If you are interested in couples therapy, I have elaborated more around my work in that section of my website.