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My core mantra is:

Where language fails, symptoms prevail.

I help people and organizations create road maps to learn how to broaden and increase their capacities for risk taking, change and deep and loving relationships.


The Dignity of Suffering

I interview passionate and inspiring individuals whose perspectives have changed the way we view ourselves and the world, including the likes of Dr. Gabor Maté, as well as distilling and sharing insights from my private practice.


Holding open the space where growth and imagination are possible

My ability to slow things down, convey important and inspiring ideas and to bring my entire self to the table, has made me a sought-out speaker, clinician, and thinker. My intimate work with leaders of industry, science and the arts have helped me develop a specialized knowledge and professional acumen that elevates my talks and presentations to a new level.

This is the space that I want to hold with you, to bring dignity to the place where we all shake, shiver, and feel completely not ourselves. This is our shared inheritance; this is the dignity of suffering.
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